Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back in town and completed 3 models last week

So, I finally had great dry weather to complete some painting outside for some models that I had. In Virginia it has been way to humid to paint all summer but on Wednesday and Thursday the humidity level was below 30% so I got painting done on three models which was nice. I finally put together a 1/144 Unicorn Gundam in Unicorn mode with the special edition Unicorn head bust display base. I got it at Otakon at the Blue-fin distribution booth this year along with a 1/144 Shinanju and also a SD Wing Gundam EW model. Glad I finally got a Shinanju, just can't wait to start building it.
I finally go around to finishing the Omegamon model that Bandai released in October or November last year. I have had it that long and look a long time to work on it. The model isn't worth the money as I felt that it was a no-grade model almost like an old high grade Gundam Model but it was priced like some Master Grades. It stands about the height of a Master Grade though.
I also finished my custom paint job on my MG GN-X, with a Mica Red, black, white and Gunmetal.
If I get a chance which I am not to sure if I can get one now, I will take photos and post. It has been a while since I have done this haha. School is right around the corner.

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