Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shield Liger Special RAMAR Images

Release date: July 2011, Price: 5,040 Yen (WF Special price is 5,000 Yen) Images and info is from GA, click here for article
Kotobukiya July, the company Purakitto "HMM ZOIDS" to commemorate the anniversary of five series that was first in the series, "Shield Liger" to release a special edition of. Prices start at $ 5,040 (special exhibition price of 5,000 yen WF). What comes with a CD single!
This "special RAMAR Shield Liger" is pursuing an animal form was a popular and broad action "Shield Liger" charm is intact, has been specially designed and molded wearing only a gold color. The color of this metal feel, the more mechanical aspect that stands out. Specifically designed for this kit also comes with decals containing only letters RAMAR. 
The included music CD single, the theme song of anime ZOIDS "Wild Flowers" by the band worked on RAMAR, anniversary HMM5 "HMM ZOIDS 5th ANNIVERSARY PROJECT" was the theme song 書Ki下Rosa new album for "ENDLESS ADVENTURE" and , the unreleased album "Wild Flowers acoustic ver." is recorded.

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