Monday, June 13, 2011

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE synopsis and info on the show

Immigration to the start of the space colony space-age hundreds of years have passed . Earth wars over supremacy in the end, what seemed to be a peaceful era. However, that peace is also crumbled in despair.

A.G.101 year - (Advanced Generation)Suddenly, an unknown enemy that appeared [ UE (Unknown Enemy = Enemy Unknown) ] by a space colony [ Angel ] is under attack, collapsed. This disaster will take a heavy toll after [ sunset of Angels ] was called. Since then people living in the UE the Earth is going to be a long time suffer.

A.G.108 year -UE fighting ensued, until it was peaceful space colony [ Ovan ] will also be hit. 7-year-old boy who lived there Asuno frit lose their mother was involved in war. But the death of his mother, passed down through generations in the house [Memory Unit device AGE ] is committed to. There was once known as the savior of ancient mobile suit [ Gundam ] that contained the blueprint. I inherited my mother frit, [ Gundam ] decided to create external.

A.G.115 year -Frit was 14 years, space colony [ Nora ] was adopted in the federal military base Arinsuton. Seven years, he has been studying with engineers at the base, finally [ Gundam ] to finish. Gundam, the aircraft self-evolving innovative mechanisms which [ AGE system has been installed].But finally comes when I was afraid ....Invading the UE, the peaceful colony [ Nora ] approaching it from the.And now that his Tsukuriageta frit [ Gundam ] to move the fight.

Really, frit during the 14 years, not victory once formidable opponent [ UE ] I can overcome?

MS appears...

People enemy UE (Enemy Unknown)

France Guide GAFRAN UE (Enemy Unknown) called unidentified enemy. Suddenly appeared 14 years ago, has repeatedly destroyed throughout the world. Dragon has the ability to transform from humanoid type.

AGE system

To quantify those mysteries of the evolution of organisms has been studied Asuno house, adding that the idea of ​​personal growth frit. Data were collected by the fighting, and it evolves on its own.To grow with the pilot and the pilot Onriwanshisutemu for registration. Currently equipped with this system can move Gundam Guide only hero frit. To start the Gundam family lineage Asuno (AGE devices) has become the key. [AGE] + plane + System = [Gundam frit and approved.

Device AGE

Passed down through generations in the family memory unit Asuno [ Gundam ] [blueprints andAGE systems ] are guiding principles and record data.

This info was from Cyber Gundam

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