Monday, May 16, 2011

Dual Model Kit DMK01 OPTIMUS PRIME images

Release date: June 25th 2011, Price 8,800 Yen
Produced by TakaraTomy
image from Cyber Gundam
Movie Transformers / The Dark Side Moon to match the public, featuring authentic products Transformer kit! "DUAL MODEL KIT (Dyuarumoderukitto)", so that the runners have been painted with a set of body parts already completed a movable core, transformer complete the precise reproduction of details in the movie just put together. Optimus Prime in the other parts are included a variety of options for the face and open arms Batoruburedo. The core body for full body motion, can I still take action pose. ■ 全长 240mm (1/35scale) ■ Color Qi ト a half キ ッ Material ■: Internal Frame PS ABS exterior parts made of steel (soft material used tires) Tampo printing and reproduction is also a detailed marking ■

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