Sunday, May 22, 2011

1000 post

Wow can't believe that I reached a thousand posts.
Anyways, I guess we made it through yesterday, the supposedly Rapture.
I am currently working on a MG GN-X that needs a paint job but I can not decide on what color scheme to work with yet. I recently finished a MG Exia and that had a white, black and crimson red color scheme and came out way better then expected.
I am also taking pieces off the runners of the MG Deathscythe EW version. I might give that an out of the box color job and also I am impatiently waiting for the MG 00 Raiser to arrive and I am sure that will be an out-of-the-box paint job as well.
My lighting in my room is terrible and I have tried multiple times of taking photos of my work and they never come out great at all. I might have to set up a photo booth outside in my yard.
I have not placed a pre-order for the MG Epyon mostly because I already have a ton on preorder for that month and also that is something that can be gained later on as it will be restocked unlike some figures.
At the Shizuoka Hobby Show a few weeks ago the Epyon look really great on display. I like the look of the wings and the way that they move apart. Looks like custom pla plating haha.
I am worried about the feet/ankle joint for when it stands if they are meant to also bend back a lot for the "twin-dragon" mode.
Anyways, I hope I can start taking photos more. The Sky Robot Soldier came out nicely and as long as I can get that kind of lighting or better then I can provide more reviews.
I have a busy day of such things. Landscaping, tennis and I am not sure what else haha.

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