Monday, April 11, 2011

MG 1/100 Wing Gundam EW arrived

Usually I get a few things a month but this is the only thing that I got as LOOT in the month of March. I will also be getting the Shenlong EW version, I really am liking the EW. models and I will at some point get the Epyon. I just finished up by Gold Frame Astray Amatsu yesterday with the nice weather an got all the painting done. I am a little disappointed as the paint didn't spray on as smooth and left patches on the plastic which happens RARE. I did my HG-EX 1/60 Shinning Gundam earlier this year and that paint went on just perfect (I used Krylon Fusion, same on the Amatsu). Maybe it was the black being weird I am not sure. The Tamiya seamed to be fine.
As for the Wing Gundam EW. I think I might just do a paint scheme right out of the box and same with the Deathscyther EW. that I have. I might use gold rather then the yellow though and use darker colors for them. I will apply the same idea to the Shenlong when I acquire it.
Anyways, 2 models down for the year already and I have a MG Exia ready for paint next and my Omegamon (long over due), and have a MG GN-X half way prepped for painting.

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