Monday, February 21, 2011

MG 1/100 Epyon from Gundam Wing

So I found this at Gundam Planet blog just a few hours ago and since it was the only one posted I thought it might be bogus but more and more rumors are poping up about it to be the next Master Grade coming along.
We all know how much Bandai is really getting into the Gundam Wing series recently for the Master Grade treatment, the MG Deathscythe EW, MG Deathscythe Hell Custom EW, MG Shenlong EW and even a re done MG Wing Zero Ver.Ka/EW. Even the recent MG Wing Gundam. So can it be crazy that there is an Epyon on the way along with the planned Sandrock and Heavyarms?
I can believe it, just when exactly and how far ahead or behind is it from the other two.
Also I am eagerly waiting for the Tallgeese which is fantastic in my opinion.
Also I recently posted (last post I think) of a MG 1/100 00 Raiser which I would have loved to have a while ago but it isn't ever to late, as shown with the Wing Gundam models being released.
I do like the Raiser/ 00 Gundam design and I have the NG 1/100 and I would love to have the Raiser and it has even had the Perfect Grade job. About time for the Master Grade.

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