Thursday, January 27, 2011

HG 1 / 144 Extreme Gundam Box Art and images

Arcade game "Mobile Suit Gundam VS EXTREME. " cooperative plan after another start EXTREME VS. major original MS Ekusutorimugandamu appeared in the Model - Discovery of a new action by the militants pose a motif instruments - 4 types of wrist parts are included in, expand the range of expression. - The guitar can be stored in the shield-type rifle. Reproduced in clear plastic - blue flash [Accessories] beam rifle, beam saber, shield [Buy] molded × seven , foil seal, assembly instructions "Mobile Suit Gundam VS EXTREME. "What is it? 2001 began operating a year, 2 for 2 Chimubatoruakushongemu will play in "Mobile Suit Gundam VS. "series ofnine in his eyes, appeared to work from a selection of Gundam mobile suits in history, depending on world titles which transcends the work. In this work, refer to the evolution of the catch limit], significantly improves the quality of the graphics. In addition, the replay monitor and can see the team play live, IC card system adopted, the "mobile web Gundam VS. Mobile "and works with with many new elements. Amusement centers in operation nationwide rave reviews!

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