Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years!

A little late since I didn't find any time to sit down and post really!
A lot happened last year!
I started this blog back in January so less then a year ago.
I originally started it just to post a little bit on my model making here and there. I also started up a blog on my life in general and that was the one that I posted the most on from January to about August.
As of now, this blog is the one I post most on.
So when I started this blog it was called samshio gunpla fixation but after a while till some time in the summer I changed it to samshio hobby because I did a lot more then Gunpla but started to post on figures, otaku goods, mecha models so collectable things of the sort and it was easier to type and find ( rather then
Plus Samshio Hobby sounds better as a branch from my life blog (
So a break down of my site for the year
in January I posted about once which was the start the site when I had the interest to put my ideas on the net. At this point I didn't have anyone who viewed it, not even the girl friend haha.
I had about four post where I talked ab out models that I had acquired and started to work on, and still now views really.
I had 2 posts, a few views. I put together my 1/100 OO Gundam that month and finished some work on a HG Master Gundam and also got my MG God Gundam with clear parts that month as well.
I can say that my blog was very in active, in fact I didn't post once between those months at all. It was the months that I was finishing up my community college experience and exams and managed to graduate with an associates degree and transfer to VCU to start my Bachelors degree in Environmental Science. Also those months I started my paid internship at an Environmental Agency and I am still there today. Lost of experience from working there. Also my sister had graduated from High school and she is off to college.
In July I posted once about going to Otakon (Convention in Baltimore, MD) and that I had completed my HG Master Gundam and was currently working on the HG 1/100 Deathscythe Hell Custom. No views then either that month.
I posted roughly about six times about the Super Gunpla Expo and that I finished my HG Deathscythe Hell Custom and started the 1/100 Astray Red Frame. I was getting more and more into the modeling community at this time. I read more from Ngee Khiong and Gundam Guy, Busterbeam and I was active in forums.
I started at VCU later on in the month.
I had about 20 pages veiws that month.
I was more into the community now, lots of great news was coming out. More talk about the MG Deathscythe Gundam EW version, Bandai going to release Gunship in the Formania line, and of course the big talk about the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom that was recently released.
I finished up my Red Frame and it is silver, green and white and looks really nice and finished the 1/100 Astray Blue Frame Second L in a nice dark blue with copper color instead of the orange.
I got more into my own photos as well. I took photos that month of my models and recently re-took photos and updated my "My Models" page with slide shows and you can find the articles for my models on the side of the blog at anytime.
I got about 63 views for that month.
This was the month when I was really getting into it. I was posting about Evnagelion, Zoids and other mecha models as well. I also got into lots of figures and kicked off my Portrait of Pirates collection with Brook Strong Edition.
The community lost Ngee Khiong as a avid news blogger about mecha and Gunpla and now he does is own hobby blog where he still builds.
I also started to cover a lot more photos on my blog and reviews from other sources.
That month was the 50th All Japan Hobby Model Show where we got to see photos of the Going Merry plamo model ship from Bandai and was recently delivered to my door!
I managed to pick up hard cover editions of AKIRA which was really nice and rare to find.
I finished a HG Masuro some time that month as well and a HG Exia Repair 2 (Metallic Ver).
I got about 124 views, with 32 posts.
Finishing up the school semester and also went to Nekocon with my girl friend, it was her first Anime convention and she enjoyed it!
I did about 51 posts that month.
The HG Nobel Gundam was announced and a lot of other hot coverage that month in general.
I got my hands on a MG Quan[T] from Gundam Guy's new business, a HMM Geno Saurer that I am actually working on now. I finished up a 1/100 Strike Freedom Clear version, MG God Gundam and a MG Wing Gundam Custom.
I was more into figures at the time and increased my collection a bit.
About 650 views
To wrap up the year, I finished my first semester at VCU with great grades and was all signed up for the Spring. Had Christmas break fall in and spend time with my girl friend and I turned 21 about a week ago. It was a nice month and actually a busy month for my blog here with a 197 posts total, nearly 150 more then November.
We had the Real Grade Zaku out, the Perfect Grade out there, we go to start to preorder the MG Deathscythe Hell Custom EW and the MG Shenlong EW version.
I took more photos for the blog that I still haven't posted on here haha.
I added the albums and links to the right side of the blog to find some of the reviews that I have done and such. I finished that month with a big difference then the previous month with a little more then 3,400 views.
I know that I am not that big of a blog like the others and such and I only have one follower total that I know of. I am just glad that there are people out there taking a look and sharing the same interests that I have. Tons of friends that I know would say that this hobby was a kid hobby but the viewers here, readers here and even I know that it isn't just for the younger people.
I am glad that I served the community a bit and got some great photos out there and there are people that want a little bit of this converge in English. Most of the information that I get is in Japanese (like 95%) and I am glade to read it and then get some photos and post some information out there for everyone.
I will continue on with what I do best, work and go to school and of course post and stay active in this community, both figure and mecha. I find lots of great people and I am glad to be apart of it.
Some resolutions I hope to fulfill;
Get the classes I need to graduate on time from school and finish the Spring and Fall semester with great grades.
Have the current or new internship for the Summer to stay active in my field and maybe find a career for when I graduate.
Have a great Otakon trip in July!
Build more models that are waiting in my closet, gain more figures!
Plan my trip to Japan for 2012 finally (was going to go this Summer but figured out it might be easier to wait till I finished school).
Continue dating my lovely girl friend that I have been with for a year and a half.
I also wish everyone a splendid year to come and wish everyone the best!
Happy New Years Everyone!

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