Monday, January 31, 2011

HGFC 1/144 RGM-79N GM Custom Reviewed by

Reviewed by, click here for the review

One year anniversary and 500th post

So I have only been posting for a year now since I opened this blog.
A lot has happened since then like graduating with a degree and moving on to another one and a great internship, great relationship that I am still in and this blog!
I originally started this blog to post every once in a while on my models and how far I have built them but now it is mostly on the newest of news on gundam models, mecha models, figures and other otaku goods.
Hey, this blog has become a big hobby of mine and I love doing it and I reached my 500th post with post as well.
I know I only get between 120-250 views a day and not a lot compared to other sites like Gundam Guy, and I really only have one true follower right now (thanks!) but that doesn't mean I will stop because I love seeing the latest merchandise from the land Rise Sun. I love posting it and even trying to preorder some of them!
All I can say is that a year later I have grown and I did create Samshio Figure for the sole purpose of my post on figures just last week.
Anyways, I will continue to pursue this hobby of mine and bring create content to all!
I hope I get to take my own photos and complete reviews for the blog once I get a good photo booth/box created!
I don't know what else will bring to me this year but the continue operation of this blog! Thank's for all that read!

HG 1/144 Beginning 30 Gundam reviewed by hobbynotoriko

Reviewed by Hobby Notoriko blog, click here Already released, you can find it here at amiami for 1,610 Yen

Revoltech #025 Captain Jack Sparrow Figure More new Images

This is really interesting the more I post on this figure. That they are producing a Revoltech figure of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean. I found these new images at Cyber Gundam, here

BB 044 soldiers Kunizou Tsutae Gundam VS Gundam True Crimson Cao Quan equipment mounting fierce tiger - Battle of Red Cliff: February release

BB Soldiers are going to be released on the 17th of February for 2,500 Yen. Preorder page here at amiami Images are from Muso's Gallery

HG 1/144 Extreme Gundam Images: Release in February

The HG Extreme Gundam will be released on the 17th of February for 1,600 Yen. Preorder page at amiami is here
Images are from muso's photo gallery

MG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom EW Images: Releases this month

The MG Gundam Deathsycthe Custom EW will be released later on in February on the 24th. 4,500 Yen price Preorder page at amiami is here
images from muso photo gallery