Thursday, August 26, 2010

First day of school

So today was my first day of school at VCU. Good stuff, I have a class at 7pm later tonight but in the mean time I will relax.
I was notified that I will be getting my Gold Frame Amatsu from Rainbowten about a week ago. And about two or so days ago I was notified that they shipped my Blade Liger Mirage to me from Hobby search. Link here for pic
Also, last week since I haven't been on to update either blog, I have fully completed my Deathscythe. I really do like it, some things I probably would have done differently but I still really like it. I will try to put up photos of it when I can and also right up a review of how things went and such. I am now prepping, or almost done with it my NG 1/100 Red Frame Astray. I will not be doing an out of box color on it and I thing I may also try to spray paint the white on and instead of the red hand paint another color on it. So I will try a mix of spray and hand painting with the kit and then after that I will move onto my Blue Frame.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Will get it down today!

I will get my Deathscythe donw today if I kill myself lol.
Anyways here is a link to Hobby Search blog where they have photos from the Gunpla Super Expo. Great stuff.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Painting with German Grey

Hey everyone, now that I have posted my Master Gundam online, my main focus right now is the completion of my Deathscythe. Right now I have had a the parts primed and they are waiting to be painted when I can get to it. The weather has been humid the past few days and I have to spray outside out back since I don't have a garage or a workshop inside. Mosquitoes are also a problem at my house so sometimes when I paint, it is like a section of the kit, in this case the other day I started to paint the kit be starting with the arms and legs an sprayed my German Gray on it. If I can help it I will try to paint the chest and then mask it to add the other color which will be on the wings. Gunmetal. I am starting to wonder if the Gunmetal is to much of a silver look and if I need a darker color if I want to get that bat/black like look on it. I might just wait to get the MG version an paint that a really darker color but I know it doesn't have kings unless they release one with the wings. They head of the model is done and after the painting I will add panel lining as where it is needed. I liked this model and it is like 14 years old. It might not have as great articulation or detail as the current 1/100 or the HG 1/144 but I like the model and design.
Also, let me know if there is a model that is out and I should consider getting.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HG Master Gundam

Just added that album up on my model's page.
It was a pain to find the model and it was a small pain as it was my first model at me trying to get serious without me placing stickers on the model or very noticeable paint brush strokes all over it. The only problem that I had with this model is that the masking tape that I used left a residue on the plastic and left unappealing results after the spray painting. Some was hand painted like the yellow on the wings and chest part of the model. It was a good (rare) model to start my practicing with as it had basics colors. I only really used yellow, black and red and some lime green paint for the eyes. The black and red were from Krylon Fusion spray cans. They are for plastics and came out rather well. I might have placed the coat to thick but it still was great except the masking tape. This model isn't that pose-able at all. It really isn't and I almost want to find a MG Master Gundam since I have the MG God Gundam waiting in the closet. I tried to do a WIP photo stream but my camera sucks, you can tell from some of the pics from this album so I though it would be pointless to take pictures if you could see the detail.
Go check it out over at the page, and I also added a few pics from the Gunpla Super Expo on the pics page.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Added Photos of Gunpla Super Expo 2010

Just through on some new photos on the photo page that you can check out.
Also check these sites out that have more information, but of course it is Japanese
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Gunpla Super Expo 2010

The Gunpla Super Expo 2010 is today and many things will be going on. I will try to update regularly today and the next few days for you. My main site will just have a sum of things on the hobby page but this is my official Samshio gundam/gunpla blog. I will add a page for pictures at the event and a page for videos. I just added above a Video clip at the event and things look like they are already happening!
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