Monday, December 20, 2010

Reboot Diguimon: Dukemon, Angemon, Devimon

I think these images have been around the net for a while but below is a photo of Dukemon model in the Digimon Reboot series line from Bandai. I am still working on my Omegamon just because I want to paint it but the weather is like 30 degrees all the time right now and painting is impossible at the moment. So it is on hold.
Below this photo we have idea sketches of Angemon and Devimon, both I would be interested in as well. The problem with these kits is that it is the price of a Bandai Master grade (3,800 Yen) and the build has less parts then a 1/100 Astray Red Frame which you can get for 2,000 Yen. Anyways, it is basically like a High Grade, not much pieces and the articulation isn't super well from what I hear so that is probably the only thing to worry about the line if your interested in them. I preordered at the time because Digimon takes me back!

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