Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1/100 Strike Freedom Clear Version

Hey everyone, I managed to get a hold of the 1/100 Strike Freedom Clear Version a few months ago and I am getting around to post some pictures up on here.
This isn't the Master Grade version and it is the No Grade.
The articulation is super super but it looks really cool holding the weapon in shotgun mode. I didn't paint it nor did I glue or sandpaper any parts since It would have made the clear pieces all scratched up for me and I like it posed as is in my room.
I am not really a fan of the Gundam Seed series and I didn't even finish the Gundam Seed Destiny series at all so I missed out on some more suits probably. Out of what I had watched this Gundam was probably the only one that I liked the design of. Period. Well looking now, I think I would enjoy the Destiny Gundam design as well. Anyways..
The white on the kit is not clear clear, it has more of a white milky look to it so you can kind of see inside the kit. Now part of the kit wasn't clear and that is the rail guns on his hip. It was a type of grey coloring and kinda sets off the clear version mood about it but most people don't notice them right away because the Dragoons are the most noticeable thing right off the bat with this model and Suit.
I will try to get a sparkle or a clear base for this model just because I can use that white one for my MG Quanta when it comes. (still waiting)
They did provide gold pieces in this clear version and it would have been more neat to look at if it was the Master Grade Clear version because the frame is all gold with the armor clear. The only pieces that are gold in this kit are like the joints that attach the model together like at the foot, knees and elbows.
Also the wrists and hands are gold as well which is nice. I know the Perfect Grade that is being released really soon has a ton of Gold parts all over it.
The rifles that make up the shotgun is pretty neat how they did it. Not the most realistic looking but it goes well with the Gundam. I do think that this Gundam was a little over powered and there are a lot of fan boys of the Seed series over here in the U.S. and say that it is THE series. I guess I think differently since I grew up with Wing Gundam and G Gundam.
Anyways, it took a while to get that pose since it is hard for the kit to hold the shotgun like that. One of the wrists poped off since it couldn't handle the angle.
The neck under the head is gold as well and as you can see I really didn't detail the kit at all and didn't apply any stickers except for the eyes on this kit. Other then that it is straight out of the box. At the base of the neck we have more of that grey color that is not clear what so ever. I wish they went with something else instead though.
Here is a better look at the rail guns on the side and the colors they have. They did come with clear red and blue tips for the grey but still looks odd to me.
I am a fan of Gundam's and Wings or some kind of awesome looking back pack on them. The Dragoons are really cool looking and I like the clear look about it. I wonder how awesome it would be if the created a clear edition to the Perfect Grade.
Here at the back, the wings came in four parts and then when you place them together to the back pack they spread out to make the four wing tips on both sides. You can turn them in many positions and such, but it you stand this on the floor or table I am sure the wings will make it back heavy and cause it to tip over.
The thruster has the grey color as well and looks really bad and I should panel line it or something but since it is one of my least favorite in my collection and the back is facing to the back of the cubbyhole wall I am not going to worry about it.
Still see some of the nub marks on the gold down there at the knees. At the forearm where there is that plating with the red right before the gun you can remove that and that is where you can attached the clear blue power shield that also came with it. Problem is that it is lose connection there and probably wouldn't hold it that well. That red pieces is only holding well right now because it is facing up lol
All in all it was a fun kit to do with out having to do the entire production process and since it hasn't been painting weather being around 30-40 degrees here this was a good kit to sit around and enjoy as I catch up on shows that I missed.
Also this kit comes in a double box with the clear version of Legend Gundam as well and that kit doesn't have the milky white clear parts, it is a clear with a little grey tint to it. That one is still sitting in the box as well. I managed to get this box for $30 new on eBay so that it was like $15 per kit and they are 1/100 clear editions.
Stay tuned I need to get more photos of my other kits that were recently Finished!

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