Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update on Life and MY Models Page 11-17

Hey everyone.

It has been a while since I posted on what I have been working on. I am still working on my 1/144 Vayeate from Wing Gundam and today I was going to try my first enamel wash and it actually failed and pulled up my paint job >_>

I might either just try to hand paint in the lining or stick with Gundam fine point markers. My old one ran out so I just placed an order for another one.

I am also working on my 1/60 HG-EX Shining Gundam to and just taking that of the runners currently and then will start the painting process when I can.

I just opened up a Fan Page or whatever on Facebook for this blog so you can discuses there as well and I will try to post on there the very same content as I do here. It might be easier to have a discussion there and you would get notified on your news feed when I post rather than checking up on the blog. Sounds good?

Now recently I deleted everything on “My Models” page because they were bad photos and I need to re-do it all and I will post it one at a time on there with new albums and the first one that I will post will be the HG Deathscythe Hell Custom. I will post another post after this one later one on what the problems I had with it and the steps of what I did. This model was completed months ago and I never created a WIP for it and have pictures of the process since I only got a really nice camera fairly recently.

Haha and there is a sale over at Hobby Link Japan where you can get 50% EMS shipping when you select it and terms to apply so check that out and there is a really nice Gundam sale going on and I just ordered two master grades that I know I will eventually get so why not now when I can get them at a really good price and HALF EMS shipping. Great deal. I will post when those arrive to my house.

I realized that I have ordered a lot this month for me and haven’t even looked around yet for my gril friend and her Christmas Present!! You think she might want a Master Grade. Actually she supports me and my hobby and interests but she has already denied me when I asked if she wanted Noble Gundam that is coming out soon. She doesn’t want to get into the modeling thing. Anyways lots of good stuff that is being released this month and I don’t know if I should spend more money on Black Friday even with the great sales. I probably was going to get a TV but that is a lot and I have to save because I am starting to plan a lone trip to Japan this coming Summer for me.

Which reminds me, is there anything I should go see while I am there? I am probably going to be near the Tokyo area or in it. I am going as a straight tourist and also for my Otaku and Hobby needs. I have never visited the Land of the Rising Sun before or anywhere in Asian for that matter. It is exciting but I want to do something fresh, new, fun and adventure in my life style and I have always thought about traveling to Japan and I want to take the opportunity to meet my tourist, otaku and hobby needs J

Just need to prioritize on what I want to do because I am not spending a month over there!

Well I will start working on that review of the Deathscythe so good night!

UPDATE: I added the new albums to the My Models page in Slide show form and you can click on them to view the album. The photos are all new except for the Master Gundam. I will post my reviews for each of them and then link the post to that page so it is easy to find later!

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