Monday, November 29, 2010

Omegamon WIP Part1: Legs

Hey everyone, I have looked around online and have not found any WIP's on Omegamon plastic model that came out recently at the same time as the MG Double O Quanta.
So I decided to go ahead and start my own WIP of Omegamon from Digimon Reboot. This is actually my first WIP for my blog.
So as I have said when I posted the runnerslast week that this model has a HG feel rather then a Master Grade feel.
Here is the feet. Total of 5 pieces for each foot and a PC piece that attaches to the Leg.
Here are the feet completed. They are about 2.5 inches or so long
The bottom of the feet are very flat and for the more experienced modeler or a better look you may want to fill in the bottom of the claws.
The front part of the foot bends back and also so does the toes/claws. The claws are all one part so you can't move the claws/toes individually.
This is the front part being flexed down
The leg has about 7 pieces to it and two PC piece for the top and bottom.
Bending forward
Bending backwards. Has a really good bend backwards.
This is the completed leg with one piece for the knee and there are three pieces for the ankle guard.
This is how far the ankle guard bends backwards
Bending forward
Fully completed leg with the foot.Total of 18 pieces and 3 PC cap pieces. There is not frame inside to show off. I guess that would make since since it is a Digimon lol
Two pieces create the piece that attaches to the waist once I build that.
Here is a good image of the claws/toes bending down on its own without moving the rest of the foot.
Toes bending up
All of the foot bent upwards
Ankle bending to the right
Ankle bending to the left
Leg posed in the couching position with the toes outstretched holding the leg upright.
Everything bent forward not that I would ever pose it this way on the model once completed.
I hope this gives everyone a good idea as to the mobility of the model and that they are not looking for a Master Grade like model. The price is 3,800 Yen which is the same price as a Master Grade Wing Zero Custom which probably has a lot better poses and more detail and more articulation.
Look forward to more. I will paint this kit by the way.

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