Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Omegamon Un-boxing

So I un-boxed the Omegamon model from Bandai today. It was released on the 18th last week same time as the MG Quanta.
Here is the outside cover of the box. The box is about the size of a 1/100 No Grade Gundam Model
Side of box
Front of the manual was the same as the box and this is the back of the manual.
First thing you see when you open the first page
Inside and directions of the model. I feel like this model is more like a 1/100 HG Gundam or something.
Sticker sheet. The white area on the sticker sheet with the black fuzzy area is used to be placed on a plastic thing that is on a runner and you use it to plug into an arcade game console. That is what the other photo says I assume
Here are the runners. 10 including the one that have the caps for the joints.
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