Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Omegamon and Genosaurer just in

So I actually missed it yesterday so you guys could have gotten everything earlier by a day but I managed to pick it up at the post office today and un-box it! It shipped out from AmiAmi on Thursday when they were released and arrived to me on Tuesday in Virginia, USA. EMS is great but so freaking expensive You can see the size difference of the two inside the shipping box. The Genosaurer was obviously a lot more expensive
Here is the Omegamon unboxed a little bit. I just took pictures before I got on here of all the runners and manuel so I will make that a seprate post afterwards since it is a newer model release. The Genosaurer was on a re-release at a few different online retailers and I was so happy since I wanted to get this or the Genobreaker. The problem with the HMM series Zoids is that they have lots of piece and it's big so it is an automatic EMS shipping and the price to ship is that of a really nice MG Gundam model >_>
Anyways look forward to these models individual post later on! Samshio ©

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