Monday, November 8, 2010

My new camera

Hey everyone. If you noticed that I wasn't really posting much it was because I went to Nekocon over the weekend with my girl friend and had a pretty good time.
On my other blog I recently said that I had got a new camera and it takes really good up close pictures so I will be using for the up coming releases on models that are coming out soon.
I am behind on the models that I was going to take picture of the contents of that came with the Brook figure that I got. There were two models that I got with that and after that I will review the two other figures that I got at Nekocon.
One more thing is that I got new more models at the convention, technically one since the other is a Christmas present and I need to wait for it lol.
Last but not least I have slowed down on my production of models because of all this school work and also because I paint outside and I needed it to be close to 70 degree Fahrenheit outside to spray paint. I do not have a booth inside or a garage so I do it outside. Yeah. The Vayeate is coming along well I was priming it two weekends ago when the primer can went empty half way through the kit...have yet had a chance to go and get a new can of primer so I will try to do that soon. I got the paint, masking tape and everything for it but I want it primed and sand away the seam lines of it.
I am hoping to get more pictures of my production process of my completing these models and may be I can update the other models that I have done in the future when I have time.
I just wanted to keep you up to date it seams that I haven't really done a post on life or what I have been doing recently on this blog for a while. I still update the main Samshio blog often about life though so just refer to that haha.
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