Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gunship from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

So this is one of the models that I managed to pick up from Hobby Link Japan when I got the Brooke P.O.P. Figure. After they started to ship it was the day that Bandai released information on a Formaina Gunship in early 2011 for about 10,000 yen or so and I as like what?!
So the box is a decent size, a little shorter then a regular HG Gundam model but it is a little thicker. The cover has a nice original artwork on it from Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind. Also shows the actually look of the model towards the bottom of the box.
We have the Studio Ghibli logo in the bottom left hand corner. Was manufactured in 2004 in Japan of course. So it isn't that old of a model and I thought it was a little bit older.
Another approved by Studio Ghibli sticker that is placed on the cover of the box.
One side of the box has the model look of it along with the bar code and that such mess. I can't read Japanese but the writing on the left side of the picture probably talks about the Gunship or the model in general.
We have the shorter side with asically the same info as the main cover of the box.
And the other long side shows from different angles of what the model will look like.
Here are the contence of the box. We have the manual for the 1/72 Gunship and two plastic bags with two runners in them each. The runners include the body and wings of the Gunship, pieces to put together Nausicaa and the display stand for the Gunship.
When you first open the manual you have images of the completed model done in that paint style manner. It is basically same images from the long side of the box on the outside.
Flip it over and you get information on it probably from the movie. And probably some info on the design process of the Gunship.
Fold it out and you got four pages of instruction to complete your happy Gunship!
This is a 1/72 size Gunship and comes with the stand so you can display it on your shelf or display case. I am waiting to do this model as I want to get better at lining and weathering because I feel like to make this kit stand out and realistic is to weather it a bit. It was about 1,200 Yen at Hobby Link Japan and here is the link to the product and I just checked and it is still in stock.
I really like finding models other then Gundam that are from an Anime movie that was really inspiring and Nausicaa is like that. Plus I really like Miyazakai's designs in his movies. I would love to get a model of the robots from Laputa: Castle in the sky but I don't think there is one anywhere :(
Next up I will post about the Flappter from Laputa: Castle in the Sky which I also got with the same shipment! Samsio ©

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