Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Formania Nausicaa Gunship and others ready for pre-order

These images are from HLJ and it is also ready for pre-order at Hobby Link Japan as well. At Hobby Link the pre-order price right now is 8,500 Yen which is about 15% off from there list price. I get your pre-orders in if you love the Formania series and of course Nausicaa of the Vally of the Wind. I do myself but it's a lot for me to get.
It's released date is in February.
Image from Amiami.jp
Kizaru Borsalino from Bandai's Figuarts ZERO One Piece series is now on pre-order over at AmiAmi.jp for about 2,450 Yen which is 26% off their list price. Here is the link here.
Image from Amiami.jp
Akainu Sakazuki from the Figuarts line from Bandai is ready for pre-order at amiami.jp as well. The price is 26% off the list price so it is at 2,540 yen and will be released in February. Here is the link to the product.
Image from amiami.jp
Aokiji Kuzan is also up for pre-order from the Figuarts ZERO line. It is up on pre-order over at amiami.jp but is currently out of stock on the pre-orders. IT is also priced at 2,540 yen and will be released in March next year. Product page here.
Image from amiami.jp
The Metal Build Double O Gundam Seven Swords from Bandai is ready for pre-order as well at amiami.jp for about 10,000 Yen and will release in March next year. If it really is a Metal Build I think it would be a great piece to add to my collection. Here is the product page.
Image from Amiami.jp
D-ARTS, Omegamon from Digital Monsters is now open for pre-order at amiami.jp for about 4,040 Yen which is 25% off and it will be released in late February. Bandai is also releasing there model kit of Omegamon this month as well. Here is the product link for the D-ARTS version.
Lots of great merchandise coming out there!

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