Monday, November 15, 2010

Flaptter model from Laputa: Castle in the Sky

So at the same time that I got Brooke and the Gunship from Hobby Link Japan I got this as well since I didn't know how long they would have these and plus they are hard to come by. I really enjoyed the movie Laputa and now I have a nice of the movie that I can build and place on my shelf to show off.
Here is the top of the box. This box is the same size as the Gunship model's box. Once again made from Bandai and the box top shows original art and then the actual model completed at the bottom. Got the Bandai and the Studio Ghibli logos. Manufactured in 2006 as well.
On one of the long side of the boxes got the completed model and on the other side of the model you have some notes on the movie or on the model itself.
On the short side you got the original art, title of the film and name of the model. Oh and by the way this is a 1/20 size Flaptter.
Other long side of the box shows the model from front and back and the inside console. Along with Sheeta and Pazu!
Inside the box we have the manual for the build, the yellow plastic bag has the flaptters wings which is like a clear plastic of some sort. The two other plastic bags has a total of four runners for the model that includes the Flaptter, Sheeta, Pazu and the stand.
The stand base even has the encryption, Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
Have some original art and design for the movie I suppose from Miyazakai himself I bet.
More images from the manual.
Should be fun to build when I get the chance. I also have to find a really cool copper spray paint for the hull of the model. Hmm much work in the future for me.
Oh and here is the link to the model over at Hobby Link Japan for 1,500 yen.
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