Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dragon Ball DX Figure 6: Freeza Second Form

This is the other figure that I picked up at Nekocn.
A Freeza 2nd Form from Banpresto. It stands taller then the Mihawk that I got and has a menacing pose on my desk to frighten away my kitten (not likely).
Well anyways enjoy the photos, really liking my new camera and everything. Also you can click the photos for the album.
Just like Mihawk, he stands straight up with his arms crossed in front of him. Without the stand he stands at about 8inches to the tip of his horns. The horns are actually really pointy.
It comes in the box and a few pieces. The stand, 2 pieces for the tail, the bottom half and then the chest with the head. You can also see right above the tail is where Banpresto has its mark along with 2010, the release date.
Really like te way the tail is done and how he has it up off the ground.
Freeza always thought that no one could rival his strength but was a little afraid of a Super Saiyan. When he said that he was going into his next form and changed into this. This basically looks like his original form but bigger and looked more mean. The 3rd form is what caught me off guard.
Love that smirk he gives
And of course his three toed feet on the display base. The display base about 6 inches in diameter. Descent size to keep him up.
Here is a comparison with my hand on the right and Mihawk on the left. Definitely more bulkier and larger in size the Mihawk.
Like this on my desk as well. Really do like past anime like Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. I would love to find earlier figures if there are any from Dragon Ball with Goku was littler. I just pre-ordered Freeza 3rd Form at Hobby Link Japan because in that form he looks disgusting and powerful.
Here is the link at Hobby Link Japan for this figure, they still have some in stock so I suggest pick one up if your a Dragon Ball Z fan.
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