Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ZOIDS HMM Series Gun Sniper Leena

This is on preorder now at Amiami and that's where I got the picture from. They have if on sale for 3,220 Yen and is supposedly due out in late March which is a ways away.
Image from Amiami, I was trying to preorder this earlier this week but they took the preorder button down so I thought they had all the preorderds they could take but now it is back. If you want the MG 1/100 Theatrical Version Gundam 00 GNT-0000 00 Quan[T] for 3,270, then I would head on over there now. Here is the link.
I decided to go ahead and pre-order it with GundamGuy since he is working on getting his store up an running, link here to his blog. He will get his online store up sometime near the beginning o November.

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