Friday, October 1, 2010

Unfortunate news...

So I just got back on my laptop and checked out the blogs I follow for Gunpla and figure related news only to find sadness rather than a new announcement.
Ngee Khiong, a blog site that was very active in posting news and actually where I got a ton of the news about a lot of products that I placed on my site. He was very active in retrieving the information and it was a joy to read his post and the information that he had. Another plus was that it was English and a lot of blogs or sites that release new information about Gunpla or figures was Japanese.
His post, here, was posted today announcing that he was going to stop his blog and his disappointment in the Gunpla and Gundam world as of today. He will posting again soon on more specifications on why he is stopping and I will post a link to that when it happens.
I have had his link in the link list for a while now, if you go to it you would see how much he covered. He was by far the most active blog that I was following and say a few post a day from him. I will miss his blog very much so.

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