Friday, October 8, 2010

Astray Forest Frame

Please excuse the images and the lighting. Still donot have that camera I always talk about getting. When I do get the camera, I will take more shots and post them in the web album.
What I decided to do with the 1/100 Astray Red Frame was to either go dark crimson red, or stick with a green since I lovegreen.
I ended up using a white Krylon spray can for all the white parts. It comes out really smooth and its a lot for you buck, especially if you buy it at Walmart it's like $4.40
I used the left over can and small jar of the Gunmetal from my Deathscythe. I used that for the body chest parts, the sheild, foot and sword piece. I really like that color, I might have to try Tamiya's dark Gunmetal some time.
I used up some of the German Grey(Tamiya) on the gun to get a bold grey color for the gun.
I then used a black marker for the black details.
I used a British Green for all the red pieces. It was a dark enough green that I would enjoy.
So this was a great model to work with, as I am still trying to explore and get better at modeling. This is the second 1/100 model that I have painted and liked the out come.
  • problem one is that after I put it together, I must have had some paint residue on my fingers because I saw my finger prints on the white painted pieces... I didn't go back over them since I wanted to get it done. Maybe one day I will.
  • After I painted the red pieces green, I noticed that there were parts on them that you could see the red through. Like parts that have lines in them or such. I knew it was a mistake but it looked some what cool that it was a green model but you could see inner parts inside glowing red from heat or power or something like that. It actually isn't that bad.
  • Last problem is usually I hear that you clear coat after done, when I did that it made the model blotchy, it turned super dull, and the Gunmetal doesn't look Gunmetal. It kinda ruined the model for me so I haven't used a clear coat after that. I used the same clear coat on my Deathscythe and that had tons of Gunmetal on it and it looks fantastic, so I really don't know why it did it to this kit. Also, it made the green look really dark and my room doesn't have the brightest of lights so it actually makes it look like a Astray black frame in here.
Lesson learned about the clear coat. But over all, I had a good time modeling it out. The simple frame of it ready to jump in for a covert operation with shield and gun at the ready with the sword as back up.
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