Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Re-Release Geno Saurer

Image from Hobby Search
This a re-Release of the Geno Saurer in later November for 6,240 Yen. This is a 1/72 size and is made by Kotobukiya.
Also the Liger Zero has a release date in November also
and EZ-004 Red Horn are re releasing in November just like the Geno Saurer is.
I finally preordered my Omegamon and also preordered the re-release of the Geno Saurer for next month. I am rolling out models pretty fast so I don't want to run out but I wont be able to do to many of them over the winter since I need nice warm non humid days to spray outside. That is one of the down sides of not having an air brush and/or not having a working desk with the full get up for modeling.
I finished spray painting the God Gundam and now just applying the details like the decals and panel lining. The Vayeate model is coming along really nice and almost done with the prep work.
I just got in a figure on Saturday and will get some shots and post them up. I say this stuff a lot but since my camera is bad and the lighting is never right and comes out bad.
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