Thursday, October 28, 2010

P.O.P. Brook Strong Edition review

Images from Hobby Link Japan
This was one of the items that I had gotten last in the mail from Hobby Link Japan. I would have taken pictures of it myself for this review but like most of you guys know, it doesn't take that many good pictures.
Anyways, It was on sale at
This is a Portrait of Pirate: Strong Edition Brook from MegaHouse.
This was his out fit from the tenth movie Strong World.
Brook stands about a foot or a little more with his top hat on on top of my desk. It comes with an extra hand to hold onto his cane sword. Comes with his cane, with a removable handle, comes with the sword and handle on it. Comes with his awesome black top hat, a white ton dial, a long gun that is seen on his back in the first photo and the display stand of course.
Mine is displayed in the way of the first photo. I really do enjoy this figure. It isn't articulate but it has very nice detail on it. The bottom of the jaw can slide down and have the mouth open. His head can actually tilt to it's left side open where you can store the tone dial or what ever you want. I store all the other pieces (extra hand, cane handle and tone dial) inside his head.
The head can be removed and you can spin it 360 degrees and up and down a bit. You can spin the hands around and remove them and that is about all that can move on the figure. The gun has very nice detail, took a while to get the strap on it to clip onto the barrel. I had to modify it a bit for it to work.
Fantastic figure, I really like it and it stands at a pretty good height even though he is slender. Great character in the series as well. I haven't actually gotten to see the Strong World movie yet but at the time I wanted Brook from the P.O.P. figure series and I saw him on sale and grabbed one. I would like to find a Sogeking or Usopp's alter ego. Both the characters are funny.
Well keep you up to date with any new products I get, I actually got two other items with this purchase and wont work on for a while but I will post about them really soon in the boxes of course.

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