Friday, October 8, 2010

Omegamon, Saber Tiger

I really do like this model, it has the style of Digimon and also something like mechanical to me. Maybe the fact that it is a Plamo (Plastic Model) is what is so cool.
3,800 Yen to buy, is it worth it? I think I will purchase it once released in November. Images from Cyber Gundam
Image from Hobby Search
Another thing that has opened for reserve is the Saber Tiger Gold Ver. Used by the Emperor in Zoids. I still need to work on my Mirage Blade Liger. Love Zoids great model. It is priced at 5,440 Yen at Hobby Search. Will also probably be sent with EMS so that is another 4,000 Yen for shipping pretty much.
Also something I am very interested in is the Going Merry model kit by Bandai. Going Merry is the first official ship that Luffy get's for his crew in One Piece. I am a One Piece fan, you can tell by what I just bought and show you when ever it comes in. Well Bandai has turned it into a Plastic Model Kit, a ship (boat). Pretty sweet.

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