Thursday, October 7, 2010

Masurao, complete

So I finished my GNX-UO2X Masurao HG model the other day. It comes with the stand sot that is very nice to have. I have it posed near my 1/100 OO Gundam on my dresser. It has both swords pulled out and ready to go. It is a very thin model. It is light and has a thin body, arms, legs and so forth. It isn't a Gundam, but it was a nice model and looks pretty cool with the swords. I got it on sale at Hobby Link. I did though, not paint it. I literally wanted something to do the other day so I straight built it right out of the box. Still had fun and looks good.
I am currently working on the 1/144 Vayeate that I managed to get my hands on. They are so hard to find and usually you see it for $16-$22 on Ebay and I managed to get that and a Tallgeese II off Ebay for $14 with shipping included. Tell me that wasn't a steal. I have completed 2 legs from that kit while the weather out side is cold. With it becoming fall, it will be harder to spray paint outside now. I either have to not paint my kits, or hand paint it all, or get a nice 70 degree Fahrenheit day.
Today got to be a nice day and so I finished spray painting on my God Gundam the upper body, lower body, head piece, the core lander, and one of the legs. I got to tired to do the rest and I was getting a headache.
Thats all I got for you today everyone. I did win two more things that hasn't to do with models on Ebay today and I will. take pictures when they come in. I am still waiting for a few things. I still need to get a picture of the Masurao and what else is on my desk.
Gotta go to class an review now, catch you guys later!
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