Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black Rock Nendroid and more

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Hey everyone, I know people that are into figures really like Black Rock Shooter. Very popular figure. Well over at it was originally on sale for 3,500 Yen but is on sale for 1,538 Yen. That is a big mark down so if you don't have this one then you should go nab it. Here is the link.
Image from Hobby Stock
I figure I give you guys another image of the release in March. I like the fact that it comes with the basket that you see her hopping with in her Zoid in the series. I am deciding if I want it but if I am going to get her or any of the team members, I am going to get the three. I would feel bad to split them up. That also brings the question, are they going to make a HMM Berserk Fury? Would be really cool if they did. Here is the link on over at Hobby Stock
Also the pre-order page for this model is up on Hobby Search for 3,600 Yen
Image from Hobby Search
Hobby Search also has restocked the Figuarts Son Gohan for 2,720
Image from Hobby Search
This is another item that was restocked over at Hobby Search. A MegaHouse, GEM Series Gintama Hijikata Toshiro. Gintama is a funny manga and I have a few volumes of it but stopped buying them so I can spend more on models and modeling supplies lol. It's for 5,610 Yen now
If you buy any, let me know how they look!

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