Wednesday, October 20, 2010

50th All Japan Model Hobby Show images

These images below are from the Bandai booth at the show
All the images are from The Abnormalend blog here
Here is the non-grade Going Merry plastic model
The runners of parts
I am assuming they have the Straw Hat Pirates newest boat coming up in the modeling line for Bandai
The Master Grade Figure of Luffy
ANA edition of the OO Raiser with metallic plated parts
These next pictures are from the MegaHouse, Wave and Kotobukiyas booths at the event all from Abnormalend blog
Portrait of a Pirate figures
Luffy and Ace as kids
Monkey D. Garp
Some Five Star Stories models from Wave
K-On! figures
Models over at the Kotobukiya booth
Border Break
HMM Brads Command Wolf
HMM Zero Liger
Hope you enjoyed all of the images like I said they were over at ABnormal End blog and I condensed these images from three posts there. lots of great stuff coming out

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