Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I recently got 9-28

Excuse the photos quality as I have yet gotten that new camera lol
I picked up at the Hobby Link Japan sale these models. They took a while to come so I am not to sure if I will do them all but I do like the A-Laws models the best like this one.
The GN-XIII A-Laws Type is 1,200 Yen and was released in 2008.
I also got the Mr. Bushido's Ahead. It looked cool and I liked the look of it in the second season of Double O Gundam. It is also 1,200 yen and released in 2008.
I got the Masurao which looks great in these colors. This was released in 2009 at 1,500 Yen and it is the only one that I got that comes with its own black stand which is why it is more expensive probably then the rest.
These last two models are the ones that I am not sure about keeping. I think I rather have the 1/100 versions of them instead. I love the color green and the Tieren Ground Type looks awesome in the color. It is so realistic looking out of a lot of the Gundam models out there as it looks like a tank with legs and hands and such. They both were released in 2007 at 1,200 each.
I managed to steal my sisters camera for a few shots of my other models this past weekend so look forward to those post getting out! I am now in search of figures as well more then models and I will be on the look out at Nekocon too.
I am still working or at least waiting to have the time to paint my MG G Gundam!
Keep you guys posted!
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