Thursday, September 2, 2010

MG Deathscythe :)

Gundam Fiesta at Singapore !
Images from Ninendo World BBS
Here is the Official Box art for the Deathscythe Master Grade
Every time I see this model displayed, I think that they must be working on the actually Endless Waltz version much like the High Grade version because this one keeps on being displayed with the Ver. Ka Wing Gundam rather then the Endless Waltz MG version. I do like the box art though.
Here are a few more Gunpla Fiesta in Singapore provided by Nintendo World BBS
This model here is pretty much the exclusive I picked up at Otakon that has a Comic Con 2010 sticker on it. It is a metallic version
I really do want a perfect grade one day, and I think this would be the one if I did. Also the Freedom Gundam is on it's way to being a Perfect Grade!
Also here is a Digimon getting a plastic model and will be out in November I believe. I really do want this so I think I might order it. It is 3,990 Yen I think.
I am still working on my Red Frame and Blue Frame. The I need the paint. I think I am going to use copper color instead of the orange on the blue frame. I am still waiting for the gold frame to come in now. School has taken over life as I speak. I have been to lazy or not enough time to take pictures of my HG Deathscythe Custom nor my HG 1/144 Exia Repair 2 special edition.
It is either I blog, or I take pictures so I rather blog.
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