Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I feel bad

So I have yet had the chance to take pictures of my metallic version of my HG Exia Repair 2, my HG 1/100 Deathscythe Custom, or my 1/100 Red Frame...I really only have the Master Gundam up.
Honestly I really need a new camera because I have an old one and the lighting I have and the fact that it can not take close shots is why I never take pictures of my models. Maybe I should put up a donation button on my blogs and use it to get a new camera...
If I had a nice camera I think I would take shots of un-boxing just released things, WIPS of my models and posses and of course for my main blog. Heck I might add video of un-boxing or helpful insights on modeling on my YouTube account for the site which I have yet really used.
Yesterday after work, I finished up the spray painting of my Blue Frame Second Revised and now I just need to hand paint on the copper color and do some touch up on the inner gun parts with black paint, gray paint and of course the panel lining.
This morning I finished all the prep work of my MG clear parts G Gundam and now need to get the paint together to start painting that one down as well.
The next one I think will be my HG EX Shining Gundam 1/60. Not to many parts but is tall :)
I'll keep you guys up to date.
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