Monday, September 13, 2010

Finished my Red/Green Frame

Hey everyone, over the weekend I finished my 1/100 Astray Red Frame. On Friday I ended up picking up a British Green spray can ans that is what I used instead of going with the red. It came out great and I have it posed on my desk drawing it's sword. I haven't clear coated it yet which I probably should but I really do like the out come of it. I will try to get some photos up just like I need to with my Deathscythe Hell. I have now finished my Blue Frame preparation and I have a racing blue and a copper color that I am going to use on it.
I have decided to work on my first Master Grade model and preparing that for painting now. It is my 30th anniversary God Gundam and it is one of my favorites from the series that I have seen.
I am now trying to decided on what models to get, there is a sale over at Hobby Link Japan right now with great prices, better then Rainbowten right now which is good in my books. :)
Happy Modeling!
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