Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally some shots of the HG Deathscythe Custom

So it has been a while now since I have finished my Deathscythe Custom. It was probably back in August that I managed to finish it and now I am on my third/forth model after that lol. These are only some shots from the model as I could only get in some with my sisters camera and mine. I really do need a new camera because this cool pixs one sucks.
It was a fun kit. I had problems trying to fill in holes and then I had to figure out what paint I wanted. I did use Tamiya spray cans and the acrylic paints and some Krylon Fusion.
I used German Grey where the box and manual showed a lighter color of grey and trust me the German grey was darker then the grey shown but all is well. For the wing and everything thing else I used the Gunmetal color. When you look at the can and when it is still wrapped in plastic I thought it was an almost black and then I put it on my model and it was basically a dark silver. I am not going to complain though. The model came out very well still. The color guide in the manual actually had like 3 different grey's and instead I used two. The German Grey color is very similar to the Gun Metal minus the metallic look. For the white I used Krylon Fusion spray and same with the Red parts on the wings and chest piece. The paint works very nicely. For the gold V fin I used some old acrylic paint that has been around the house for a while and of course a fine black Gundam marker for panel lines and details.
So I used some sand paper to get some of the lines out and I still couldn't completely seal where I attached the two pieces of plastic together but I still really like the out come. I don't think I will get the MG Deathscythe that was just recently released but maybe a version much like this one I will. The pose-ability of this model isn't much. The wings where they are attached to the back is some what lose so it can't hold the wings still. They are like a lose hinge so they swing forward if I don't prop them well on the shoulders or the end of the scythe. Oh yeah as you can tell I didn't really change the color of the clear green beam on the weapon!
I am still under construction of my first MG, my G Gundam figure with clear parts. I am not putting the clear parts because I like the original way more. I have the pictures for the Red an Blue frame models but I need to edit them and post. I am taking time from a take home test to post this since it was long over due!
Also I just recently got figures in the mail the other day besides the 5 models that came in. I will get shots of those and post them!
Have a good evening everyone and also if you haven't heard One Piece is back and released on
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