Monday, September 6, 2010

Check out the poll

Well the model that came in that was supposed to be the Gold Frame Amatsu was just the Gold Frame >_> I just listed it on ebay so I can get money back for it and then purchase the right one and I will order another model with it so the shipping is worth wild.
The poll on the right is to give me feedback as to what I should get next. Not all are Gundam and you can look them up to see which one to pick. All of them are mecha though.
I have been meaning to go out and get the paint for my blue and red frame that are sitting there. I might start my HG EX Shinning Gundam that is 1/60.
It should be a simple build as I am using flat colors and nothing fancy, just a straight build and try to make it clean.
Image is from Kotobukiya Blog.
It is goin to be released in November and its about 6,000 or a little more.
Well have a good one!
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