Thursday, September 30, 2010

Formania Nausicaa Gunship by Bandai!

HEy everyone, Thursday, which is today in America, Bandai anounced that they will be developing a "Formania" completed model of the Gunship fighter which was in Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. The movie was directed by Hayao Miyazaki and came from Studio Ghibli in 1984. Hayao will be directing the production himself.
It is due out late Feburary of 2011 and will have wings that can fold out and spread just like a birds whcih is 310-millimeters. So just over a foot. It has a moving cockpit, legs, air ducts, and a very nice display stand.
The only down side to it from being a fantastic model and having a good size is to it is that i will start out at 10,500 Yen which right now at the conversion rate is $126. The Formania series of models started out earlier this year in March with a Gundam bust.
Fantastic stuff, but can my wallet handle that? I don't know, wish it did.
Original press release pdf is here at
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Finally some shots of the HG Deathscythe Custom

So it has been a while now since I have finished my Deathscythe Custom. It was probably back in August that I managed to finish it and now I am on my third/forth model after that lol. These are only some shots from the model as I could only get in some with my sisters camera and mine. I really do need a new camera because this cool pixs one sucks.
It was a fun kit. I had problems trying to fill in holes and then I had to figure out what paint I wanted. I did use Tamiya spray cans and the acrylic paints and some Krylon Fusion.
I used German Grey where the box and manual showed a lighter color of grey and trust me the German grey was darker then the grey shown but all is well. For the wing and everything thing else I used the Gunmetal color. When you look at the can and when it is still wrapped in plastic I thought it was an almost black and then I put it on my model and it was basically a dark silver. I am not going to complain though. The model came out very well still. The color guide in the manual actually had like 3 different grey's and instead I used two. The German Grey color is very similar to the Gun Metal minus the metallic look. For the white I used Krylon Fusion spray and same with the Red parts on the wings and chest piece. The paint works very nicely. For the gold V fin I used some old acrylic paint that has been around the house for a while and of course a fine black Gundam marker for panel lines and details.
So I used some sand paper to get some of the lines out and I still couldn't completely seal where I attached the two pieces of plastic together but I still really like the out come. I don't think I will get the MG Deathscythe that was just recently released but maybe a version much like this one I will. The pose-ability of this model isn't much. The wings where they are attached to the back is some what lose so it can't hold the wings still. They are like a lose hinge so they swing forward if I don't prop them well on the shoulders or the end of the scythe. Oh yeah as you can tell I didn't really change the color of the clear green beam on the weapon!
I am still under construction of my first MG, my G Gundam figure with clear parts. I am not putting the clear parts because I like the original way more. I have the pictures for the Red an Blue frame models but I need to edit them and post. I am taking time from a take home test to post this since it was long over due!
Also I just recently got figures in the mail the other day besides the 5 models that came in. I will get shots of those and post them!
Have a good evening everyone and also if you haven't heard One Piece is back and released on
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Gundam Cafe offer Beam Saber Chopsticks

Check them out over at
They are Beam saber chopsticks that are now soled at the Gundam Cafe for about 1,050 yen. Pretty cool!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I recently got 9-28

Excuse the photos quality as I have yet gotten that new camera lol
I picked up at the Hobby Link Japan sale these models. They took a while to come so I am not to sure if I will do them all but I do like the A-Laws models the best like this one.
The GN-XIII A-Laws Type is 1,200 Yen and was released in 2008.
I also got the Mr. Bushido's Ahead. It looked cool and I liked the look of it in the second season of Double O Gundam. It is also 1,200 yen and released in 2008.
I got the Masurao which looks great in these colors. This was released in 2009 at 1,500 Yen and it is the only one that I got that comes with its own black stand which is why it is more expensive probably then the rest.
These last two models are the ones that I am not sure about keeping. I think I rather have the 1/100 versions of them instead. I love the color green and the Tieren Ground Type looks awesome in the color. It is so realistic looking out of a lot of the Gundam models out there as it looks like a tank with legs and hands and such. They both were released in 2007 at 1,200 each.
I managed to steal my sisters camera for a few shots of my other models this past weekend so look forward to those post getting out! I am now in search of figures as well more then models and I will be on the look out at Nekocon too.
I am still working or at least waiting to have the time to paint my MG G Gundam!
Keep you guys posted!
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Finished Blue Frame!

Hey everyone, I finished up my 1/100 Astray Blue Frame today and it is posed with the sword propped on the shoulder looking cool. Problem with this model. The sword is really big for this model and actually is so heavy that if you pose it just wrong, which isn't hard, the model will tip over from the shear weight of the tactical arms. I had to play with it for a long time and I am waiting for the weight of it to shift the legs and just make it tip over again. I really do like the model and the colors that I did it in. I am thinking about maybe getting the smaller clear display base to hold the sword just so it doesn't look weird. I finally ave my red and blue frames over with me first master grade right behind them; G Gundam. I say this all the time and it will start making a difference for my blog, but I really need a good camera to take shots of my finished work! Samshio ©

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Omegamon new shots

Images are from Muso's Photo Album.
This model looks great honestly. I haven't really pre-ordered mine but I will wait till it hits the shelves and order something else with it. The last time I pre-ordered and got it through Hobby Search, they sent the package through EMS rather the SAL that I picked. Ended up costing a fortune to ship it EMS, never again.
This model releases in November with a 3,990 Yen price tag. You can pre-order it at Hobby Search now for 3,040 Yen.
Pictures from ToyWorld Forum
I wont be picking this up but it is very nice.
Has anyone got the MG Deathcythe? Do they like what they bought? Let me know!
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some new Omegamon images

Sketches on the right side also of a new model possibly!
Also, Qan[T] is going to be a Master Grade as well in the month of November! About 4,725 Yen.
Also MG Deathscythe is now available on Hobby search so go pick that up!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I feel bad

So I have yet had the chance to take pictures of my metallic version of my HG Exia Repair 2, my HG 1/100 Deathscythe Custom, or my 1/100 Red Frame...I really only have the Master Gundam up.
Honestly I really need a new camera because I have an old one and the lighting I have and the fact that it can not take close shots is why I never take pictures of my models. Maybe I should put up a donation button on my blogs and use it to get a new camera...
If I had a nice camera I think I would take shots of un-boxing just released things, WIPS of my models and posses and of course for my main blog. Heck I might add video of un-boxing or helpful insights on modeling on my YouTube account for the site which I have yet really used.
Yesterday after work, I finished up the spray painting of my Blue Frame Second Revised and now I just need to hand paint on the copper color and do some touch up on the inner gun parts with black paint, gray paint and of course the panel lining.
This morning I finished all the prep work of my MG clear parts G Gundam and now need to get the paint together to start painting that one down as well.
The next one I think will be my HG EX Shining Gundam 1/60. Not to many parts but is tall :)
I'll keep you guys up to date.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Check out more new pictures of the Deathscythe

I found these photos over at Ngee Khiong's blog which I also follow, he does a great job at following Gunpla and other mecha news. Check the article for more photos.
Also check out the HG OO Qan [T] Clear Color Version. This model looks great in clear version, it is so crisp and clean and probably looks great with a light glowing threw it in the dark!
More images and a review is over at Hachaka.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

PG Freedom Gundam

I yet have a Perfect Grade Gundam Model at all. I really do like Wing Custom but I have heard a lot of bad things about the first one and the second one is the one to get. Also the second one, Pearl Coated version) is like $250 or more which is a ton more then the first version. Plus I think I might get OO Riaser. Anyways, the most recent release that is coming is the Freedom Gundam which is shown below.

PG Freedom Gundam

It is supposed to be the biggest PG in volume with the Dragoon extended.

Check it out at Bandai's official site.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Linkin Park designed there own Gundam for us!

I am sure everyone one in America has at least heard of the band Linkin Park. They recently came out with a theme song for the new video game Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. The name of the song is called "The Catalysis". The single is released today but the album, A Thousnadn Suns, will be released in a box set on November 24th. In this box set you get the custom CD and a HGUC Gundam GP01Fb in Linkin Park customized color.
This is a pretty nice set, never thought a band like that would do something like this for the Gundam world!
This is what the Box Art is for the set
And this is the Gundam with the Custom Color
The Images and more information is at COBS Online.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Finished my Red/Green Frame

Hey everyone, over the weekend I finished my 1/100 Astray Red Frame. On Friday I ended up picking up a British Green spray can ans that is what I used instead of going with the red. It came out great and I have it posed on my desk drawing it's sword. I haven't clear coated it yet which I probably should but I really do like the out come of it. I will try to get some photos up just like I need to with my Deathscythe Hell. I have now finished my Blue Frame preparation and I have a racing blue and a copper color that I am going to use on it.
I have decided to work on my first Master Grade model and preparing that for painting now. It is my 30th anniversary God Gundam and it is one of my favorites from the series that I have seen.
I am now trying to decided on what models to get, there is a sale over at Hobby Link Japan right now with great prices, better then Rainbowten right now which is good in my books. :)
Happy Modeling!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Clarifying the poll

Here are links to the models that I am referring to, just click the name :)
Also, these pictures are from Hobby Search
If you click around the link there are more pictures of the ox and such.
Junchoon (scratch this one)
Also, Omnimon although I probably will buy this regardless your choice, it's a November release.
If you want to recommend any to me post below, thanks!
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Check out the poll

Well the model that came in that was supposed to be the Gold Frame Amatsu was just the Gold Frame >_> I just listed it on ebay so I can get money back for it and then purchase the right one and I will order another model with it so the shipping is worth wild.
The poll on the right is to give me feedback as to what I should get next. Not all are Gundam and you can look them up to see which one to pick. All of them are mecha though.
I have been meaning to go out and get the paint for my blue and red frame that are sitting there. I might start my HG EX Shinning Gundam that is 1/60.
It should be a simple build as I am using flat colors and nothing fancy, just a straight build and try to make it clean.
Image is from Kotobukiya Blog.
It is goin to be released in November and its about 6,000 or a little more.
Well have a good one!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

MG Deathscythe :)

Gundam Fiesta at Singapore !
Images from Ninendo World BBS
Here is the Official Box art for the Deathscythe Master Grade
Every time I see this model displayed, I think that they must be working on the actually Endless Waltz version much like the High Grade version because this one keeps on being displayed with the Ver. Ka Wing Gundam rather then the Endless Waltz MG version. I do like the box art though.
Here are a few more Gunpla Fiesta in Singapore provided by Nintendo World BBS
This model here is pretty much the exclusive I picked up at Otakon that has a Comic Con 2010 sticker on it. It is a metallic version
I really do want a perfect grade one day, and I think this would be the one if I did. Also the Freedom Gundam is on it's way to being a Perfect Grade!
Also here is a Digimon getting a plastic model and will be out in November I believe. I really do want this so I think I might order it. It is 3,990 Yen I think.
I am still working on my Red Frame and Blue Frame. The I need the paint. I think I am going to use copper color instead of the orange on the blue frame. I am still waiting for the gold frame to come in now. School has taken over life as I speak. I have been to lazy or not enough time to take pictures of my HG Deathscythe Custom nor my HG 1/144 Exia Repair 2 special edition.
It is either I blog, or I take pictures so I rather blog.
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