Friday, August 13, 2010

Painting with German Grey

Hey everyone, now that I have posted my Master Gundam online, my main focus right now is the completion of my Deathscythe. Right now I have had a the parts primed and they are waiting to be painted when I can get to it. The weather has been humid the past few days and I have to spray outside out back since I don't have a garage or a workshop inside. Mosquitoes are also a problem at my house so sometimes when I paint, it is like a section of the kit, in this case the other day I started to paint the kit be starting with the arms and legs an sprayed my German Gray on it. If I can help it I will try to paint the chest and then mask it to add the other color which will be on the wings. Gunmetal. I am starting to wonder if the Gunmetal is to much of a silver look and if I need a darker color if I want to get that bat/black like look on it. I might just wait to get the MG version an paint that a really darker color but I know it doesn't have kings unless they release one with the wings. They head of the model is done and after the painting I will add panel lining as where it is needed. I liked this model and it is like 14 years old. It might not have as great articulation or detail as the current 1/100 or the HG 1/144 but I like the model and design.
Also, let me know if there is a model that is out and I should consider getting.
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