Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HG Master Gundam

Just added that album up on my model's page.
It was a pain to find the model and it was a small pain as it was my first model at me trying to get serious without me placing stickers on the model or very noticeable paint brush strokes all over it. The only problem that I had with this model is that the masking tape that I used left a residue on the plastic and left unappealing results after the spray painting. Some was hand painted like the yellow on the wings and chest part of the model. It was a good (rare) model to start my practicing with as it had basics colors. I only really used yellow, black and red and some lime green paint for the eyes. The black and red were from Krylon Fusion spray cans. They are for plastics and came out rather well. I might have placed the coat to thick but it still was great except the masking tape. This model isn't that pose-able at all. It really isn't and I almost want to find a MG Master Gundam since I have the MG God Gundam waiting in the closet. I tried to do a WIP photo stream but my camera sucks, you can tell from some of the pics from this album so I though it would be pointless to take pictures if you could see the detail.
Go check it out over at the page, and I also added a few pics from the Gunpla Super Expo on the pics page.
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