Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OO Gundam

So...probably bad but I put together my OO Gundam 1/100 finally without paint. Well some paint where ever stickers were supposed to go. I got new brushes and some clear paint for the parts. IT actually came out really nicely for no paint except for the little marks from the tree. I will try to get some pics up on here and I need a good day with sun to put the final coat of clear paint on the Master Gundam 1/144 from G Gundam.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So with this new weather and everything and it actually being nearly 70 degrees, I have gotten a lot of priming and painting of my 1/144 Master Gundam from G Gundam series done. I just now have the wings, body, and head to finish and put the clear coat on. I have hit a few problems with the kit that will not make it look that great. I used standard masking tape for the painting and when I peeled it off it would leave a sticky residue on the paint and so some of the red spray paint would get stuck on the sticky stuff and will be on the part of the kit that has black paint. Also, I used cheap spray paint to test it out and it is really watery for these kind of things. It made some of the kit look great and a lot of it not that great. I thought I would try out the Krylon fusion paint that is made specifically for plastic. It was OK...maybe I didn't need to use the primer underneath it since it says that it doesn't need it. The kit is a little sticky and the paint is thick I think >_>. I really only used one coat for each layer since it came out smooth and uniform. I am probably going to stick with the Tamiya spray from now on, or possibly just go all out and get an air brush but I'm not sure about that. I had my HG 1/100 Gundam Wing 0 Custom come the other day and my MG 1/100 God Gundam with clear parts come in today. I think I have decided that I will get the MG Wing 0 Custom and just sell the HG one to someone else. I hear that the MG is far superior and I adore Wing 0 Custom. One of my favorite ever. I will post some pics up soon when I have my Master Gundam all done!