Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well after my models came in we got swamped with more and more snow. It has been hectic and I lost like 4 days or so of college, not that I am complaining. I did manage to get out to the hobby shop and pick up some clear paint and some squadron green putty. I also found some primer and clear matte spray at walmart also for a lot less and a lot more so I might try that out. Also plan on trying the Krylon Fusion paint that was made just for plastics. Anyways, I have been working on my Master Gundam 1/144 and I just finished fully prepping it for primer. I have glued my pieces together sanded them down and filled in all the gaps with the putty. The putty dries really fast and sands down really well for a smooth finish. I wish my camera was a little better because the pictures that I took a while ago are blurry and not so great. I will try to get some photos up for the remanding WIP. Thats all I got for right now other then piles of snow!

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