Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I have been slowly busy and today I did't have speech class so I thought about going ahead and test this cheap primer I picked up and it didn't say plastic on it but I figure I experiment. I had to do it inside since there is still snow on the ground and it just isn't warm enough outside to spray paint. Doing it in the washing room where not many people go also wasn't that smart since the spray smell drifted through out the down stairs >_>. My parents wont be happy when they get back lol. I only tried it on the wings of the Master Gudam and it dried pretty fast the first wing I did. It came out really nice and I sanded down some of the parts that still showed the seams. The problem hit when I did the second part. The gray primer was placed on the wing but after the first three minutes it started to crack on the wing. So this gray paint had cracks all over it and so I tried to see if I could get all the paint off of it to redo but when water hit it harden on the plastic and sealed itself.... Now instead of a nice gray primer like the other wing, it's shinny and silver like and wont come off. I have no clue what to do with it other then maybe pour paint thinner on it or just see if paint will go on it with no problems...but I doubt it....oh and I am sick which doesn't help either!
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