Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello there!

So, bascially I have stared a blog to express myself, but I had created this one so I can just talk about Gunpla, and my modeling. I really am just a beginner in getting serious about my modeling. I have a few models that I have already created and they are all 1/144 scale and from the Gundam Wing series. They are not that good compared to other models I have seen on the web. I made them over a year ago, but now I am trying to get back into in and I get inspired from seeing a lot of models online. Plamo Addiction is one blog that I follow everyday now to get ideas and such. I have recently just ordered some more models to feed my addiction and I have 4 other's in my closet. I would have gotten started on them but weather just has been to cold for me to go outside and spray paint or do anything like that. Actually, it's snowing right now and it's over a foot >_> I'm just mostly putting up a blog to talk about my addiction and update on my builds. I also would love feed back and some help on my way to creating some great master peices. I also love question's about anything!!
Also, I figure you would like a run down of who I am what I also do in the mean time:
I justs turned 20 years old not to long ago. I live around Richmond, VA and currently in college to study and get my degree in Environmental Science. I'm working on getting an internship over this coming summer to keep myself busy and to get lots of experience on the job. I guess I'm am going for this kind of degree, because I enjoy the outdoors and pretty much want to keep them clean and just as nature intended them to be :)
I love video games, anime, some music, going to conventions, and of course my Gunpla modeling.